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Goofy Grin Short Story Adventure Contest




We believe that both reading and creating stories is an important developmental tool for children. For this reason, we have created the Goofy Grin Short Story Adventure Contest.  This contest is a free program that we offer to all elementary schools across the country.

The goal of the contest:

Students that volunteer for the contest write a story about an adventure that the Goofy Grin Monster characters embark upon. The students will receive extra points if their stories include the themes of working together as a team and safeguarding the environment.

The reward of the contest:

We will send each school a complete set of the Goofy Grin Monsters.  The students with the top four stories will receive a Goofy Grin Monster from the set.  We will also post the students' stories on our website including their first name and the name of the school they attend. 

If you are interested in entering your school in the contest, please email us at stories@goofygrinmonsters.com

Click the above link to see the contest stories already submitted.

* For the school administration: It is our standard practice to include the student's first name and school with his or her posted story.  If you prefer us to use another identification method, please include your instructions in an email to stories@goofygrinmonsters.com.  In order to be compliant with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), we cannot accept stories directly from the students.  All stories must be submitted by the administration of the school the students attend.  Thank you.